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The start of nuggets…

Introduction to the nuggets series

 Where did the passion from learning come from, it certainly was not from my school days.

I always begin every workshop at nuggets with an introduction about creative learning and explain one of the key principles is accelerated learning which appeals to all of your five senses.

When I first started school it passed in a haze it never really seemed as good as being at home with a family who were fun and constantly inspiring.  I never really tried and slowly slipped into the background so much so that my mother visited the school and Mrs Sheldon was quoted as saying “Beverlie will never set the world on fire” my grandmother was appalled as was my mother.  I am sure Mrs Sheldon is not alive so feel I can use her name, and the world was possibly too big, however every nuggets workshop I try as hard as I can to ensure that I am memorable and they are possibly sizzling by the time they leave!! Would love to quote the “Pretty Woman” line used by Julia Roberts “Big mistake – Mrs Sheldon”.

Once a child slips in learning the enjoyment diminishes and the confidence goes.  This path was made even harder by my parents then discovering I had a hearing problem – very common in the 70’s called glue ear.  Shortly after the hearing being diagnosed they also discovered I was short sighted which in those days of teaching was a huge problem as everything was done on the blackboard.  So out of the five senses that are conducive I was down to three!!!


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