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We all have the responsibility to make our own choices – the word responsibility splits in two – we have the ability to choose our response = responsibility!!

Sometimes that response mechanism works better than other days, it is quick and seamless when things are going well and painful and slow when things are not going so well.

Yesterday my car would not start and my daughter needed to get school, I had to make a decision or a choice as to whether to put her in a taxi on her own at the age of nine.  I put some mechanisms in place the school rang as soon as she got there, I asked the taxi firm for one of their most trusted drivers.  However I had to take responsibility quickly and make a choice.

Stress and pressure are always a choice although everyone uses blame language

“I am under so much pressure”

“ I have so much to do, I cannot believe it”

We have made a choice to take that job and accept the consequences.

No-one has to go to the office, everything is a choice!

Franklin Covey have written a book called the 5 choices which is very much from the perspective of managing time and pressure, see the breakdown below:-

Don’t react to the urgent – act on the important

make a choice to be proactive

Don’t settle for ordinary – go for extraordinary

make a choice to be different


Don’t work on the small tasks – schedule your work

make a choice to work on the projects that give the best return


Don’t let anything rule you – master technology

make a choice to be in charge – you are master of your own destiny


Don’t burn out – fuel your fire

make a choice to look after yourself – you know what goes in

Look at everything as a CHOICE do I really want to do that!!! It is extremely liberating and empowering!!


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