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Top tips for being resilient

1. As soon as you wake up leap out of bed, the longer you linger the less energetic you feel

2. Miss breakfast at your peril

3. Filter the conversations  in your head make sure you deal with one dialogue at a time

4. Find 10 mins at the very minimum on your own, recharge with yourself and purely concentrate on breathing not thinking

5. Start the day with looking at what you achieved yesterday and decide what you will achieve today

6. When you eat lunch make sure it’s not at your desk, staring out of a window is great way to recharge

7. Write down everything – what gets written gets done!!!

8. Be drawn to positive energy and move yourself away from negativity.

9. Imagine you are a factory machine, you will be fully operational if you are well maintained, therefore eat and sleep well

10. Being resilient also means rising above issues is this life or death how big is this!!


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