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How long…?

Studies suggest that we don’t switch off enough with just one week, the block of ten working days is the recommendation.  Holidays have a routine and it is only by the second week you have truly learnt the art of relaxing.

Levels of escapism

Unless you are entering the Amazon rain forest how do you escape your iPhone or blackberry.  It is your choice whether you choose to take them as a travelling companion, and most of the time they will enjoy the ride, you cannot blame them when they become disruptive you invited them!!

I made the choice to take my calls to Portugal, I selected when I wanted to pickup the calls.  For the main part I think the phone and the calls enjoyed the Algarve, however a low point was when they put through recorded PPI cover message as I would have paid on my network for them to make the day trip to Portugal.

To iPad or not to iPad

Before we left for Portugal a friend showed me her shiny kindle she was definitely taking to Majorca.  I was reluctant to take my iPad even though I could read books/play games/watch a film – lets face way better than her kindle!!!

It was my choice whether it came or did not…the iPad had a window seat and the master suite in the villa.  Read two amazing books the only draw back was reading in the sun sometimes could not see the screen.

Overall the choice to bring the iPad was better than the phone choice – view the iPad as leisure not just work!!!


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