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nuggets of knowledge – minds of gold

What are nuggets? 

Every welcome and introduction on a workshop we make a point of explaining what the nuggets are. When you attend any learning event you will come away with 20% of the content which we say our your nuggets. If you share these gems with others they can make 80% difference and become nuggets of gold.  We encourage delegates to capture their nuggets on postcards and we hold these for 90 days and then send back to them to see whether they have implemented their actions.

Where does the name nuggets come from?

Bev Wilkinson the Managing Director of the company worked for a corporate finance company many years ago.  The organisation brokered management buy-ins or buy-outs.  Every Friday the team that was very small would have a nugget meeting – the nuggets were any part of  a business that was non-core to the main business, so anything that could be bought out by a management team or another company.

The next nugget moment – Bev was working for The Walt Disney Company Limited in the learning and development department.  A training provider came in for a meeting to pitch for some business, he said the key to a great workshop is always to leave with some key nuggets.

The final part of the nugget journey, Bev has recently joined Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle and each month he shares key nuggets with nuggets!!!

It was meant to be…

Sharing nuggets

As a company we share nuggets through our workshops, and also at any meeting you have with us, we are always suggesting books and top tips around interactive learning and development.

Each week the nuggets team have a new signature – the nugget of the week.  This month we are asking everyone to share their own nuggets, these are personal development tips or quotes that inspire.  In return we will give you 20 of our favourite nuggets for FREE…


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