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Gold Medal Behaviour




We can learn from top athletes – Gold medal behaviour.

Please see the top tips below:-

  1. Arrive at meetings 5 minutes before they are due to start
  2. Be ready for work on time and prepared for the day ahead
  3. Allocate roles and responsibilities
  4. Focus on your goals and give them deadlines
  5. Use winning language – be positive
  6. Allow time for creativity
  7. Focus on winning
  8. Be supportive and encouraging to every team member – the roar of the crowd always helps you win…!
  9. Have fun with the celebrations
  10. Think proactively
  11. Create the Gold Medal Behaviour charter together
  12. Ask harder questions after every project – review your progress

Nuggets would be happy to facilitate a half day workshop to collate these ideas and the legacy of London 2012 could be a change in behaviour permanently in your offices.

Please call us now to book the workshop – 01483 898936

Book before the end of the Olympics and the early bird offer will be £750 (normal half day workshop rate £800)

Minimum of 6 delegates and maximum of 12


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