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How nuggets made a difference…


Case Study

Who are Berkeley Way…

They are residential property managers with a difference:-

  • They offer all their clients a friendly, efficient yet affordable service
  • They treat all the properties as if they were their own
  • They take a long-term, strategic view of your property investment

Where is Berkeley Way now…

  • Beautiful offices 28 Ely Place – enviable working environment
  • Committed team who really care
  • Managing over 300 properties

Where were they…

  • One room in a serviced office in Berkeley Square
  • 2 Directors
  • 1 Property to manage

 How has nuggets worked with Berkeley Way?

  • Strategic development pathway for all employees – Berkeley Academy
  • Follow ups individually to all learning initiatives – ensures the development has made a difference
  • Coaching a team leader to take on the responsibility of managing the team
  • Team workshops
    • Working across barriers – the team process mapped their departments, and they also created a jigsaw which demonstrated how they needed to all work with each other to create one picture.
    • How to be proactive? – used the 5 a day principle and employees kept logs of when they had been proactive.
    • What does your business look like? – we visited other agents and used a mystery shopper to give the company feedback.  This workshop used a lot of the techniques from the very successful BBC programme “Mary Queen of Shops”
    • How to live and work by your values? – the team described what would be happening at the office and in the afternoon took part in a volunteering project, creating planters for schools.
    • What motivates each team member? – Using the Strength Deployment Inventory profiling tool.
    • Park thinking – most recently we have conducted a workshop comparing the impact on the business to visitors.  We have used a visit to a theme park as a comparator.

What is key about having nuggets in your business…?

  •  Long term relationship
  • Quarterly teambuilds
  • Learning and development that is strategic for each individual
  • Follow ups to workshops



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