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What makes you tick? – Strength Deployment Inventory “SDI”

Motivation is one of the key components of emotional intelligence as it is the key to being true to who you are.

The profiling tool  “SDI” gives you seven motivational value systems far less complex than some other profiling tools.

The value of understanding what drives behaviour is often more insightful than observing behaviour.

We cannot yet fully understand how much is nature or nurture, however analysing siblings we see very different profiles, so does this mean there is a large proportion of the profile we are born with.

Elias Porter who wrote the inventory definitely believed there was a stronger link to nature.  He stated that your profile could only move 6 points unless a life changing circumstance had happened.

Being born with a large proportion of your motivational value system is like having a compass but unless you are pointed in the right direction it could be deliberating instead of liberating.

Some individuals leave school and university with never any doubt about what they want to achieve.

Nobody knows you better than yourself so you must complete the inventory, in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere so that the result is a true reflection of “you”.

The inventory is being used by more and more organisations and the benefits are being reaped.

  • Language in conflict is around the instrument so less personality clashes occur
  • Clarity on roles is helped by an insight into motivation
  • Mediation can be administered using SDI
  • Objectives and goals can be analysed using SDI terminology

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