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Fixed mindset or Growth mindset

I have been reading the book “Mindset – the new psychology of success” Carol S Dweck and it simplifies so much behavioural work I have done currently.

When I deliver workshops I notice some delegates are happy to take risks whilst others are more than happy to see group members make a start.  Sometimes it can be as simple as asking a question in a group context.

Our mindsets evolve quite early on in life and for some they can be around specific areas, like whether we can draw/play sports/sing or have a mathematical brain.  Unintentionally our parents can begin the fixed mindset process, “Darling you can’t sing?” or just as limiting “You are an excellent runner”.  Singling any talent out as well as limiting a development area can be just as fixed, parents need to be creating new challenges.

In summary take a look at the two columns below:-

FIXED MINDSET = intelligence is static GROWTH MINDSET – intelligence can be developed in any area
Learns to look smart and therefore tendency to avoid CHALLENGES Learns to embrace CHALLENGES
OBSTACLES get defensive or gives up OBSTACLES persist
EFFORT seen as fruitless                             EFFORT pathway to mastery 
FEEDBACK ignores                                                                      FEEDBACK learns from it 
SUCCESS OF OTHERS feels threatened SUCCESS OF OTHERS – learns from it and finds inspiration 
As a RESULT may not fulfill potential As a RESULT higher ever higher levels of achievement 

It is not too late to begin a Growth mindset journey – I sung in a choir at the age of 41!!!


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