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What can we learn from the athletes?

Everyone will have different ideas around the legacy of 2012 and also different thinking about what they have learnt.

What have you have learnt from the athletes?

  • It is not just about the race
  • 4 years to work to one event – a strategic plan
  • Being your own pace maker
  • Choosing your attitude
  • Being passionate about what you do
  • Working as a team – being accountable to “I”
  • Going beyond the Olympics

What lessons can we gain from these bullet points:-

It is not just about the race…

If we were to win that pitch, get that sale everything will be alright.  However if we learn from athletes it is not just about that one moment in time, Usain Bolt did not put 9.33 seconds into his preparation.  The glory and the bright lights do not last it is what it means to you that will last, your own personal legacy.

4 years to work to one event – a strategic plan

Jessica Ennis trained 6 days a week for 4 years to be ready for London 2012, this would mean repetitive training plans/meal plans focusing on an ultimate goal.  When we look at strategic plans in business we often get too excited about the big goal and forget to focus on the tactics and tasks, the daily disciplines that will really make it happen.  Being better than our competitors means doing them routinely and with a smile as big as Jessica’s when she won gold.

Being your own pace maker

The 800 m world record was set at London 2012 by David Rudisha from Kenya.  He managed to do this without a pacemaker which in long distance running is unheard of, especially at a Olympics.  In business often people are eyeing the competition waiting to see their first move, why not lead the pack with your new service or product, be your own pace maker…

Choosing your attitude

It is also how we conduct ourselves, several athletes who came 4th conducted themselves with dignity and decorum often beyond their years.  Coming into work at 7.30am or 9.05am define who we are and often set the tone for the day for ourselves and others.

Being passionate about what you do

When athletes talk about their sport their faces light up and they talk about records/other athletes/their coaches/their training and what it means to them.  How passionate are you about your company, do you sell all the aspects, and do you do it with the enthusiasm of a world-class athlete.

Working as a team – being accountable to “I”

Tom Daley was the only man on the diving platform, however when he won the whole team behind him jumped in the pool to share his success.  Work as a team to make it happen, but you must remember you are the one on the diving board!!

Going beyond the Olympics

The athletes will be preparing for the Commonwealth Games, they may take a couple of weeks off before they begin their training plan.  The Olympics will have bench marked their prowess on a World stage they are now keen for more.  What are you now hungry to achieve and how is that strategic plan shaping up…


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