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Switched On… give more than 100%

How do you switch on an entrepreneurial mindset?  – Sahar Hashemi believes all of us can.

Sahar with her brother Bobby set up Coffee Republic bringing fresh coffee to a nation of tea drinkers before the big fish of Starbucks had landed in the UK.

Sahar’s fundamental belief it is all about being “Switched On”.

Her book outlines 8 Habits which can easily be applied in any industry or sector:-

Habit 1 Anyone can do it? – How do you switch on an entrepreneurial mindset?

  • It is not a personality it is a behavioural choice
  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Creativity can be developed – contact nuggets!! we run creativity workshops…
  • Unblock creativity
  • Build up self belief
  • Focus on what you can control – your own habits
  • Bring all of YOU to work
  • Press mute on doubts
Habit 2 Putting yourself in the customer shoes – When do you get the opportunity to do this and how often do you do it?

  • Remind yourself your customers are “human”
  • Get yourself inside your customer’s world
  • Experience your own product or service
  • Ask yourself would “I” like this instead of “would the customer like this
Habit 3 Getting out of the office – What is stopping you leaving your desk?

  • Go for a walk
  • Don’t let routine dampen your curiosity
  • Look at competitors
Habit 4 The importance of being clueless – When did you last look at the company with fresh eyes, your role, your department, your team etc…?

  • Work with a fresh uncontaminated mind
  • Don’t be too set in your ways
  • Unlearn how it has been done before
Habit 5 Prototyping – When you next role out a new product or service, have you mocked it up, what does it really look like?

  • Make an idea tangible
  • Others get a feel of the idea
Habit 6 Notching up the Nos – What did you learn from your last rejection?

  • Anything new is met with resistance – be resiliant
  • A “no” is just an opinion
Habit 7 Bootstrapping – When do you work on a task/new initiative as a management team and do it yourselves (“roll your sleeves up”)

  • Create a boot strapping culture – everyone can do it!
  • Going by the book does not always make it happen
  • Go under the corporate radar
  • Lack of money makes you more creative
Habit 8 Taking 100% of yourself to work – What do you see/hear and feel when this happens?

  • Work and play should not be opposite words
  • Enjoy your work and you will do it well
  • Bring head/heart and personality to work – more than 100%




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