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Wake up all parts of the brain…

When we use our left and right brain we come up with better ideas.

How is possible to wake up both sides if you have a strong dominance or preference?

The left traditionally is full of data and structure where as the right is full of colour and patterns.

By using mind mapping as a tool we can wake up both sides.

Creating new ideas is normally a combination of old ideas or a question of association.  The unexpected connection can lead to more thoughts than you realised.

Tony Buzan is the leading expert in mind mapping, try applying his methodology and rules below and see what new ideas you come up with…

  • Blank paper
  • Turned sideways – landscape
  • Start in the centre – gives your brain more freedom to spread out in all directions
  • Colourful image of the topic – image is worth a  thousand words and helps you use your imagination
  • Always start at 1.00 o’clock
  • Move around the paper in a clockwise direction
  • Colour – adds vibrancy, energy and fun
  • Main themes – chapter headings form the branches
  • One word or image
  • Connect your main branches to the central image and connect your second and third etc….(your brain works by association it likes the links)   very similar to a tree branches connect to the trunk which is essential to its growth – the same with your brain (memory and learning) only occurs with the connections.
  • The lines must be curved – more organic/growth and more exciting to the brain.
  • Remember key words they act as a trigger rather than sentences or phrases –

Book nuggets for a half day workshop and start to wake up all parts of the brain.


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