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Learning off the shelf…

Learning off the shelf…

Today there are so many tools available for us to pick up knowledge.

Traditionally we followed the route of  David Kolb’s learning cycle:-

  • We had an experience
  • We reviewed it
  • Made sense of it
  • Made it practical

With on-line support we can start the cycle by watching some-one else having the experience.

YouTube can answer most of your instant learning requests and it is visual:-

  • Watch and review some-one else have the experience
  • Start to have an experience – using the pause button
  • Make sense and acquire extra tools if necessary
  • Finally turn the whole piece of learning into some practical actions

Even posing a question to on-line search engines quenches our thirst for knowledge.  Using images as well as words it is instantly appealing and the emphasis on instant!

Learning is officially off the shelf…

Chart this week all the questions and challenges you have faced – what was the route of your learning:-

nuggets learning this weekend:-

  • At the weekend using YouTube we mended a leaking flush on a loo
  • Using search engines discovered how many books Lewis Carroll had written
  • Investigated some interesting ways of managing your email

nuggets compliments on-line learning – please ring us for more details 01483 898936 or browse the website



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