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New beginnings

Change happens all the time now, whether it be a dramatic environmental impact as per Hurricane Sandy, a US election or even you changing your chair at the office.

We go through exactly the same emotions whether the change is big or small, knowing what they are can help guide you.

The stages first came from the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who wrote about the stages of grief, consequently they have now been applied to organisational change.  Kubler-Ross believed that you could not miss any stage however some of us may move through the them quicker than others.

New beginnings or change can happen at any moment in your life why not equip yourself for it now, by working through the stages below:-


 What is going on? 

1. Shock/Surprise


2. Denial


3. Frustration


4. Low point               


5. Experimentation


6. Decisions


7. Integration


Book a change management course with nuggets and we can make it even more practical

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. John F Kennedy


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