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What do you do if the bike chain comes off?


More key learnings from the Bradley Wiggins book “My Time”.

We all have to take responsibility for our own behaviour, and sometimes that can really test us, knowing that no-one can do it for you.  Bradley describes in the book a key moment during a race when his bicycle chain comes off, he waits calmly for the bike to be repaired, however he explains how this is a shift.

Bradley in his younger days would have picked up the bike and thrown it across the road, might have made him feel better for a few seconds, certainly would not have helped those around him.

What changes did Bradley decide to make and why?

Knowing that he was in a leadership role and others would be looking at his behaviour to replicate, but knowing he was responsible for his own behaviour and that he wanted to get back on the bike.  He went on to win that particular race and if he had selected another behaviour the outcome would not have been so positive.

Today when the IT fails you, or the Client does not turn up for the appointment, select the right behaviour that others can copy, but also will lead to a positive outcome for you.


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