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What is your Tour de France?


“Don’t make the small things into big things, and don’t let the big things become small things…”

The snow last week consumed my world, because I let it.  The weather is something I cannot control so really should be a small thing, however I turned into a huge thing.  Everyday last week I rescheduled meetings and looked out the window every 5 minutes.

The big thing growing the business for 2013 suddenly became a small thing and I lost focus.

The quote comes from Bradley Wiggins book, he explains how having a cold was a small thing which he wanted to make big.  His  coach Shane said to him to stop making small things big and altered his training schedule to accommodate his sniffle.

Wiggins view was not to get too carried away by the highs and never get overwhelmed by the lows.  He was under tremendous pressure by the media going into the Tour de France and it was managing that hype and taking everyday as it comes.

My Tour de France of growing nuggets must not get swayed by some minor rescheduling.  How about your world?  What is your Tour de France?

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Cycling in France 2011 – “look the part – not quite the Tour!!”

Holiday 2011 112


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