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90 minutes in 90 seconds…


I was set the challenge to script a video about our 90 minute series, however the challenge was to say all we needed to say in 90 seconds.

Headlining/bulleting summarising is often what is expected in business, you want a client or a team member to engage as quickly as possible.  The hook to draw a reader in is absolutely vital on your e-mail signature, lousy title and they won’t open your message.  Newspapers are superb at drawing a reader in by catchy headlines, they often fall under the areas below:-

  • Witty
  • Curious
  • Unbelieveable
  • Shocking
  • Exciting
  • Important

I recently delivered a report writing workshop and the receptionist needed to submit a report as to whether they should offer team members a dry cleaning service.  When we mapped out the piece of writing and looked for the hook the title was obvious

“Do you want your dirty laundry passing through Reception”

Before you read the report the image of the clothes passing high profile clients was enough of a headline/hook for you to understand the pros and cons of such a service.

Try really hard this week to summarise/headline/hook  readers into whatever you are writing or producing.

Have a fun week using the hook!!

Of course by no means least checkout the 90 minutes in 90 seconds video – follow the link:-


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