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Confront the truth…


The truth can create and sustain success we just need to listen to it.  Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we want to run.

In business the truth is often found by listening to the client, what do they want in terms of service, what works for them and why.  They will not give you the truth unless you invite their feedback.

Sir Terry Leahy (former CEO of  Tesco) writes in his book “Management in ten words”

10 words

Organisations are terrible at confronting the truth.  It is so much easier to define your version of reality, and judge success and failure according to that.  But my experience is that truth is crucial both to create and sustain success”

It is much better to face the cause and then you can map out the solutions.  Sir Terry explains how they listened to the customers and changed:-

  • store layout 
  • introduced value products
  • one in front (one person in the queue at the checkout – more must be opened)
  • club card
  • new car park layouts
  • no sweets at the counter

He simplifies the message even further by explaining instead of the journey ending with your customer it should start with what your customer wants.

Be brave this week and ask your clients/customers what they want and need?  Be prepared to confront the truth, listen to some good and bad truths…

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