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His name sounded so delightful…


“I was waiting for Witter Resource head Jay Twistle whose name sounded so delightful, like he’d give me a job and a hug.” – a line from the film – Pursuit of HappYness

First impressions only take 7 seconds, however if you have a name like “Jay Twistle” you create an impression even before the face to face meeting.  If your individual name does not create impact does your company name, what do you want the client to think before they meet you face to face.

Once you meet you know that from the studies you will be assessed largely on how you look, not what you say or even how you say it.  In the film “Pursuit of HappYness” he goes for the most important interview of his life without a shirt and tie.  Luckily with a brilliant level of emotional intelligence he turns a negative into a positive, by ensuring they never forget him by being honest about his misfortune and why he is not dressed appropriately.  He also uses humour which is risky but always memorable…

Watch the clip on YouTube see link below:-  – (hit 2.28 to get the best line!!)

Please do contact nuggets on how to creat a lasting impression –


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