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Five powerful questions…


We are often not asked the right questions and certainly not powerful enough to let us think big.

Look at the following questions and see where they take your mind:-

  1. What do you truly want?

  2. What about this is important to you?

  3. What will you do and when will you do it?

  4. What else?

  5. What’s next? 

The questions build momentum in building an entire picture of what you desire.

The language is definitive by using the word “will” it determines an action, no could/would you, it is clear and clean you will do something.  The word “will” should never be underestimated, the best example to use is a marriage proposal no potential groom proposes with:

“Could you marry me…?

“Can you marry me…?

Will has will power behind it and is the key ingredient to the powerful questions.

The picture of what you want to achieve builds in your mind and the word will helps you visualise what you will actually be doing.

Write the questions down and leave a space for the answers – trust me the brain will want to fill in the answers and what gets written gets done.

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