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Perceptions – is your engine running…


the mechanic and the surgeon story

A heart surgeon took his car to his local garage for a regular service, where he usually exchanged a little friendly banter with the owner, a skilled but not especially wealthy mechanic.

“So tell me,” says the mechanic, “I’ve been wondering about what we both do for a living, and how much more you get paid than me..”

“Yes?..” says the surgeon.

“Well look at this,” says the mechanic, as he worked on a big complicated engine, “I check how it’s running, open it up, fix the valves, and put it all back together so it works good as new.. We basically do the same job don’t we? And yet you are paid ten times what I am – how do you explain that?”

The surgeon thought for a moment, and smiling gently, replied,”Try it with the engine running..”

The devil is in the detail, do you sell what you do for a living do you truly explain all that happens.  

What is the service you offer is it to people – do you get their engines running? 

nuggets could help you market yourself as an individual, take a look at our personal branding workshop:-


Programme Outline for Brand Nugget

“Do you have your own personal brand?”  

 Programme Objectives

 To give individuals the confidence to know what their own unique selling points are by identifying their own personal brand.

 What will you gain?

  •  Identifying your own thinking style
  • Appreciation of other team members thinking styles
  • Be able to market yourself on paper
  • Be able to market yourself in person, with confidence
  • Practical action plan that is your own personal brand

Programme Outline

 Welcome – “Which brand are you at the moment?”

 Following your head not your heart…How do you think?

Using Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument the Facilitator will get delegates to self assess their own thinking style.

Discussing the Diversity within teams

 The group will look at the different thinking styles they have in the room and discuss is this a true reflection of most teams within organisations.  They will also discuss how this is the first component of their branding journey.


 Emotional Intelligence is now seen as just as important as people’s IQ (their intelligence quotient).

An overview of Daniel Goleman’s five key elements that make our Emotional Quotient:-

  • Self Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Self Regulation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills

What gets written gets done? – how to sell yourself on paper?

 Identifying the “hook” in written pieces and then writing a “hook” about themselves. Looking at format, branding – basic spelling, grammar and comprehension.

Frames of Reference of “You”

 Most well known brands have a frame of reference eg.  Macdonalds are known for fast food/American/burgers – the team will be asked to create a frame of reference for themselves.

Networking strategy

 A plan of how often you need to network and how to assess who will add value and which events will add value.

Learning review as a group of both days using De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats

 The delegates will put on the hats and in sequence apply the theory to determine what they have learnt and how they will be using it going forward.

Review and close


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