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What is the view from your window?


Get a new perspective…

When we are stuck in a situation the options are limiting if we still look at the scene from the same perspective.

We can move ourselves physically to look at the same view from a different position in our minds and in our bodies.

Think about something that you seem to have no resolution on, and no peace.

In your mind think of a fantastic experience you had recently, embed the memory deep within you:-

  •  What was fantastic?
  •  How did you feel?
  •  What were you doing?
  •  Really get curious…

This perspective is alive with millions of possibilities view your situation you are stuck on from this perspective.  If its not working change to another view.

Look out the window focus on something outside, get curious again and describe it bring it alive:-

  •  What is it?
  •  What does it look like?
  •  How does it make you feel?

When you feel you have this perspective very clear, relate it to the situation again, see if a new approach is emerging.

Rather than personalising perspectives eg. For example what would Bob, Tim, charlie say, use descriptions and memories of different perspectives that are your words, empower yourself to get unstuck.

95% of people can solve their own problems.

We need quality thinking time and tools and techniques to refocus.

Work with nuggets to gain even more clarity:- please contact

Bev in action


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