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Wise words….


Neil Berkett departing Virgin Media Chief Executive was yesterday named as the new chairman of Guardian Media.

I attended a LeadersIn event  recently where Neil explained and talked through his time at Virgin Media and some important components of leadership-

“Don’t segregate your life anymore – business and personal collides

Choice is around how you manage the collision

 Do you have a re-entry pill after your holiday?

 Consumers now expect you to be a force for GOOD and to be RELEVANT

 Leadership qualities:-

  •  Humility
  • Be authentic

What is the secret of turnaround success?

  •  Shine the torch  down a tunnel –  what can you see?
  • What resources  – what do you need to get through the tunnel?
  • Engage with team –  stand on the tank you have to lead and be seen.
  • Simplify what is wrong
  • Art of strategy is execution

During his time at Virgin Media he saw a consumer shift in behaviour  – spotify/Netflix/love film no longer separate devices.  He also explained how you can miss changes he gave his mother as an example 20 years of technology passed her by but she totally gets the IPad

One of his key successes at Virgin is the  team  he said they were hard wired to the brand and understood what it meant to be Virgin on the inside

Worked on the 4000 field team – behavioural capability, example when they arrive at a property respect that the mother is the host, take off your shoes.

Customer satisfaction surveys which they labelled the heart beat scores rose dramatically due to the focus on behaviours. 

We wish Neil the very best of luck in his new role – they are very lucky to have an authentic leader.


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