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True authentic self – your own voice


If you were a musical instrument do use your full range of notes, do you seem to play the same piece over and over again.

Organisations, family and life follow a path of conformity and it gets harder to break from the confines.  Using the musical instrument metaphor explore who you can get back in touch with your authentic self:-

  • Learn a new piece of  music – try something new in life 
  • Play every note – explore all areas of your personality
  • Mix up the notes – mess with your routine
  • Play the highest note – set a really ambitious personal goal
  • Play a duet – find the harmony in your key relationships
  • Play the notes in the wrong order – break the rules
  • Enjoy the music – be organic and intuitive
  • Listen to the music – listen to the rhythm of your life

To simplify it even further – being authentic and finding your own voice could just be:-

  • Be true to yourself 
  • Be really alive
  • Make a connection with everyone and everything

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