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Simple is not the same as easy…


Organisations hold back from change as they over complicate the concept they are trying to introduce.

Sir Terry Leahy in his book “Management in Ten Words” has a whole chapter on simplicity and explains using the introduction of Tesco Express stores to our high street.

Listening to the Tesco customers there was a need for a new type of convenience store, cheaper goods and products available that you loved in the big supermarkets.  Peoples lives had changed and in the late 90s individuals were working late and wanted to eat instant healthy food and not have to do a big shop.

To introduce these stores Leahy gave a very simple mandate

  • 3,000 square feet on the high street
  • 3,000 lines of products
  • 3% more on price than in a usual Tesco store

By keeping the concept simple the stores were rolled out quickly obviously the bit that was not so easy was selecting the 3,000 product lines that were right for the area.  However for a big organisation by using the word simple they got on and made the change.

What product/service/change can you make that has a simple 3 line concept/mandate?

10 words


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