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Transformational team thinking…


Tennis players traditionally just took their coach on tour and were not surrounded by a big team.  However Andy Murray in tennis standards has quite a large gang that come with him.

They all have key roles clearly identified and when he won Wimbledon last week they were all in the players box to share his glory.

  • Ivan Lendl eight-time grand slam winner is the coach.
  • Jez Green is Murray’s fitness coach
  • Dani Vallverdu hitting partner and assistant coach to Lendl
  • Louise Irving and Matt Gentry – PR

Murray was transformational in his thinking, he did not follow a traditional route and spent time surrounding himself with the right people.  He listened to all that they said, Green transformed the shape of his body and he was incredibly disciplined in following his dietary guidelines.  His team is a mixture of old and new – Vallverdu he has known since Junior tennis academy and yet Lendl only came on the scene at the start of 2012.

Think about your team differently:-

  • Do you need a big team?
  • Do you have a mixture of trusted supporters and new innovative members?
  • Does everyone have a clearly identifiable role?
  • Do you celebrate together?
  • Do they all collaborate with each other without you leading the synergy?

Please book a team workshop with nuggets and we can help you transform the way you work with each other.




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