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Upserve – don’t upsell


How many shoe polishes have you bought over they years as you knew the sales assistant would get commission from the polish not the shoes.  We bought the polish because we liked them, they had served us like a human, the sales pitch on the polish was pitiful.  You still have so many different leather creams in your cupboard you have no ideas what they do for the shoes.

Memory of good service lasts longer than the product if it is done exceptionally.

Upserving means doing more for the other person than he expects or you initially intended, taking the extra steps that transform a mundane interaction into a memorable experience.

When you are next tempted to upsell stop what you are doing and upserve.  Don’t try and increase what they can do for you.  Elevate what you can do for them.

Listen to upserve language:-

  • Would it be helpful if I …?
  • How can we support you further…?
  • Is there anything else I can do for you today…?
  • What else can I do for you…?
  • Do you need anything further…?

Think this week in your business how you can upserve and not upsell – the principle comes from the Daniel H Pink book “To Sell is Human”.

Dan pink

We can deliver a workshop on “Upserving” please contact:-


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