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Courageous conversations


William Rogers – CEO UKRD

Every year, all of our teams take a day out to work together on our culture and values.  Not on our P & L or the particular skills their discipline demands, but on the behaviours, values and working environment they want to see.  And when they go back to their business units, they carry on doing that on an adhoc basis throughout the year.

The aim is to help them all to have “courageous conversations” and we make sure that there are 1:1s, between staff and the CEO or other Senior Executives, where there is necessary.  And it’s having results.  One employee benefited so much from the newfound confidence he gained that he found the courage to ask the lady he was in love with out on a date and , ultimately, to marry him.  Incidentally, he also now holds a senior post within our organisation”

Not expecting everyone to make a proposal of marriage, however do you have a true courageous chat with your team members on a fortnightly basis at 1:1s.   These provide the performance management structure for reviews and the behavioural value aspect needs as much focus as the tangible revenue results.  Remember what you do and how you do it need to be monitored in equal quantity.

Please speak to nuggets about how we can kick off your performance management process –



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