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The power of “10”…


Coaching a client last week who was procrastinating on a specific project.  As a coach we talked through strategies to motivate and kick start the project.  The Client as an aside said her Mum had said recently if you have 10 minutes spare start something and see where it leads, and you would be amazed how much you can achieve in 10 minutes.

The power of “10”…

Think this week about small chunks of time, 10 minute blocks, they might well be in transition:-

  •  On a train
  • Waiting for the Doctor/Dentist
  • In a traffic jam 
  • In bed when you first wake up 
  • Last  thing at night 
  • Waiting for a sandwich
  • Walking to work 

We often do our best thinking in transition we have different visual stimulation and it triggers different thinking.

Always have a way of taking notes on you, whether it be:-

  • Notes on your IPhone/IPad
  • Actual notebook
  • Recording notes on your phone 

Really important to capture the power of “10”!!

Those of you who follow the blog will know my summer has been about branding our Infant school in the village.  This was achieved by allocating 2 hours a day to (painting figures for the fence) over a two week period, approximately 10 hours.

photo (5)

I cannot wait to see my power of “10” go back up on the A 281!!!


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