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September is the new January…


How was your holiday?

Refreshed and raring to go – September is the new January.  Instead of New Year’s resolutions think of new ways of working for the start of the Autumn.  To change habits in September is far nicer than cold January when you have the biggest hangover from Christmas.

Even the smallest changes to the way you work can make the most profound difference on your bottom line:-

  • One clear hour a day to work on e-mail
  • One clear hour a day of no chat in the office – call it the bewitching “hour” everyone at the coal face at the same time
  • 90 minutes of business development every day
  • 10 minutes of social networking a day (no more)
  • Walk to work
  • Going out at lunchtime even for 30 minutes
  • Using the phone instead of e-mail
  • Planning your strategy in September instead of January (much fresher)

At nuggets we are happy to facilitate your strategy days – we will ensure that they are fun and inspirational. Please call us on 01483 898936.



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