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What does it mean Mumpreneur?

  • Build a business around school hours
  • The ability to always know your times table
  • Explain the whole reproductive system on a school run
  • Meet clients for the first time with no hint of your other life
  • Cook the supper whilst creating a Greek temple out of foam board and inputting expenses

I have always worked since I had children and I am very lucky that my business is around learning so I feel my two worlds compliment each other.  However there is never any room for smugness in the arena of parenting, mothers who work fulltime often have the professional world licked but feel guilty for not doing the school runs.  The fulltime mothers feel that the professional world is getting further from their grasp.

Mumpreneurs try and have it all, and as with anything there are successes and failures.   You will have logistics that will prevent you from sleeping as to how you can write a proposal, deliver a workshop and get to the school play.  Guaranteed your daughter will lose half her adult front teeth when you are delivering a programme in Manchester.  However when your son picks up the Tutor prize for just basically being a “bloody nice chap” you were there you did not miss the event.  You can ask your husband to do a school run in the morning deliver a leadership workshop in London to Senior Executives and be back for the afternoon school pick up.

The decisions and the choices are yours which is possibly the greatest joy to me as a Mumpreneur.  The business is my baby and I get to see my children grow who were the original babies.  I often use the metaphor of children’s growth with business growth.  nuggets is currently a teenager, it still needs me, however I should let it have other people involved give it some independence.

I love reading entrepreneurs stories and nuggets was created off the back of reading the “Coffee Repulic” book – “Anyone can do it…”

The journey won’t be easy but go for it – nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My reward may well come on Saturday 28th September – please do create some noise on twitter/facebook/LinkedIn if you think nuggets should be the “Best Supporting Business” of 2013 at the Mumpreneur awards.



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