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Mum Vs Entrepreneur


The 50:50 is all about belief the confidence behind it.

This weekend 12 jars of plum jam later and some homemade fudge I have not turned into Nigella or Mary Berry however the “Mum” part has come back.  The fudge is a huge winner and has given me so much credit!!!


So has “entrepreneur” part slipped with the culinary wizardry:-

Surprisingly not, the belief and reading Sheryl Sandberg have all helped.

  • 3 new business meetings
  • 2 proposals

Of course not all the balance has worked, crisis with some Maths homework a site that the school swear a child can get into.  Both parents and sibling tried access, tears panic eventually an email to a teacher.  Reported back later the server is down for the site.

Not sure where entertaining fits with the Mumpreneur, but with dimmed lighting I am sure the guests thought the chicken was meant to be that caramelised…!

So what have I learnt from last week  “Sandberg’s” wisdom.  Men have greater belief, she uses her brother as an example in the book.   Both of them sit the same exam and when they walk out her brother believes he will get a straight A, she has all sorts of doubts about what she has achieved and yet they both get the A.

What is more startling is a case study of a real individual Heidi Roizen was shown to Harvard graduates to comment on.  The same case study was shown to the group of graduates with a small change Heidi became Howard.  The students were asked to comment on the pair, both were respected for their competency, however Heidi was seen as selfish and yet Howard was an appealing colleague.

Men can believe in themselves and others will as well.  The research demonstrated success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively for women.

However make fudge and jam and you might be up there for a while!!!

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