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Impossible – two letters too long…


This came from the American Express advert, but in actual fact for me it came much closer to home in the form of my 11 year old daughter.

I have been working on lots of proposals for nuggets and juggling two half terms with family visits and bonfire activities.  My daughter old beyond her years said this to me “Impossible – two letters too long”.

So simplistic and so effective, obviously for American Express it is all about the service that they can offer and the void that they can fill for you in any given situation – anything is possible.

However this week why not think of five things that seem impossible to your business and make them possible.

Please find my list of impossibles that will have the two letters removed…

  1. Deliver a TED talk
  2. Write and publish a book
  3. To deliver a workshop in New York before the end of 2016
  4. Introduce Sheryl Sandberg at a Lean In conference in the UK
  5. Sell the business in 15 years time

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