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What is influencing?


The dictionary definition of influencing is “Getting your own way unobtrusively not manipulation?”

A strong personal brand will cast a positive shadow on anyone you come into contact with.  Good brands have compelling stories with great characters how strong is yours:-

albert mehrabian

The first place to focus on is the first impression you project.  Although the theory was taken from the 1970’s Professor Albert Mehrabian, it is still so relevant today and  linking it to brands asks the question – what do they tell people instantly?

  • What makes you take them off the shelf?
  • What lasting memory do you have of them?
  • It will be a colour, a look, logo it will be so simple and so quick?

We are just the same we need a personal brand we need to leap off those shelves.

Self awareness of the shadow you cast is one of the key components of emotional intelligence.  Ask for feedback as to the impression you create walking into a room, meeting or even as simple as arriving for work in the morning.

Casting your shadow happens all the time, make sure it is want you want to project and leaves the right memory.

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