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It’s not networking – it’s relationship marketing


Growing a network is short term, how many business cards and names accumulated for the sake of it,  will not give you a great return.

Relationship marketing is about investing in the contacts that you have made and marketing yourself as a personality to them.  This leads to a more meaningful and far longer term connection which is mutually beneficial.

Here are some top tips as to how to do it:-

  • Build relationships before you need them
  • Genius of Audacity – be audacious about who you reach out to 
  • Do your homework 
  • Warming the cold call
  • Managing the gatekeeper
  • Share your passions
  • Follow up or fail
  • Connecting with connectors
  • The art of small talk
  • Health, wealth and children – get to know contacts as people 
  • Social Arbitrage – how can you help others
  • Communicating all the time
  • Find bridges or connectors to other groups
  • Be interesting
  • Build your brand
  • Broadcast your brand
  • The write stuff – send a handwritten note instead of an e-mail 

To explore the subject further read the book by Keith Ferrazzi “never eat alone”

never eat aloneor book a workshop with nuggets by emailing bev@nuggetsoflearning.couk


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