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What does it mean to “lean – in”?


Before we can determine what it means to “lean-in” we need to know the current statistics of where we are as women in 2013.

Below is my summary of Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk

  • There are still 4.4 million women and girls trapped in the sex trade
  • In the western world we are lucky we have choices and from a humanitarian perspective our safety
  • However women are not making it to the top
  • There are 195 independent countries and only 17 are led by women
  • 20% of seats in parliament held globally
  • 18% congress seats in the US
  • 22% members of parliament in the UK
  • None of these figures get close to 50%
  • 4% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women
  • In the UK 7% Executive Directors and 15% board seats held in the FTSE 100
  • In the UK women are paid 15% less than men

What can we start to do?

  •  Sit at the table
  • Make your partner a real partner
  • Don’t leave before you leave

Lean in

 Sit at the table

  • Government official arrived for a meeting at Facebook there were two women from his department, Sheryl invited them to sit at the table, they preferred to sit at the back of the room.
  • Arrived at an office for a pitch, the Director hosting the meeting did not know where the women’s bathroom was.  Sheryl asked the question in the last year has no female pitched for any business?
  • A man attributes a “good job” to himself, women attribute to others
  • 57% of men will negotiate their salary only 7% of women will
  • Why do women underestimate?
  • Data shows that there is a correlation between success and likeability
  • A study of Heidi Roizen a successful female entrepreneur was shown to students, however the data was presented as two people with the only difference being one was called Heidi and one Howard.  The students were asked to comment on the success of Heidi and Howard, and everyone agreed they were competent in equal comparison.  However when quizzed the students said Howard seemed a great guy however Heidi might be too much out there for herself.
  • Is it possible to be successful and be liked?

Make your partner a real partner

  •  Women normally have 3 jobs – house keeper/child minder/ worker where as some men may just focus on work
  • We bring boys up to succeed
  • Perception of Dad’s at home – often not welcome at the Gymboree
  • Equal earning capacity corresponds with a lower divorce rate

Don’t leave before you leave

  •  Women think about a life journey way earlier
  • They leave before they need to leave

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