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Hire for character…


Business thinker Dov Seidman recently wrote an article saying that “You don’t need a people strategy – people are the strategy”.

He explains that HR typically recruit for skills whereas now with the market changing they need to hire for character and match to the character of the organisation.  His point is that everyone can hire a genius they will be everywhere but to match characteristics, principled behaviours you will see a culture, a mindset for the long-term.


However what he does not say in his article is how to find the character of your organisation.

Start with a really simple exercise with your existing team.  Create the table below on a flipchart and ask your existing team to complete.  Good to start with unrelated learning first, so ask them to complete it initially on the culture of the UK and then ask them to complete on the culture of your organisation.

Symbols Heroes
Rituals Values

Example answers for the UK might be:-

Symbols = Union Jack flag

Heroes = Winston Churchill

Values = family

Rituals = Sunday roast

Please contact nuggets to run a character culture workshop for 90 minutes –


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