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Does your software support the hardware that is YOU?


In Dan Pink’s book “Drive” he begins by describing motivation as the software that updates your hardware.  As consumers we are always going for the next model whether it  be the Iphone 5s or Microsoft 2013.  We want our infrastructure to have the most up to date operating system.

Maslow’s hirearchy of needs is the obvious model of how our motivation levels have evolved.  The first level is our basic need to survive to be paid a decent wage.  We then expect comfort from the organisation, a nice environment to work in.  There are social dynamics and expectations of interaction and then finally we get to our self actualisation that we have achieved and we value ourselves.  Criticism of the model in recent years says that should we not tip the pyramid upside down and start with our own self worth and money should be the very bottom layer.


However using Dan Pink’s metaphor for operating systems – do we not choose our own software and as with Maslow they build slowly.  They get installed and we begin thinking of what motivates us and compliments the hardware which is us, the hard wiring of all that we value.

Using the metaphor of motivation as software think about the top tips below:-

  • Is your hardware supported by the most up to date software (are you upskilled enough for your role)
  • Have you hit the update button? – do you constantly refresh how you work? 
  • Are you aware of other operating systems?  – do you seek out new opportunities?
  • Don’t just notice the software when it fails? – focus on the good times at work
  • Acknowledge when the software produces the results you desire – Celebrate when you meet your goals

Achievement underpins motivation – spend the week ticking as many things as possible you have done.

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