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Travel industry want you to book now … and why not?


There are only 365 days of the year and only 20-25 our your holiday entitlement and there are 11 bank holidays.

  •  Every month will have a birthday for a friend or family member.
  •  Nearly every month has a key national event – valentines/pancakes/Easter etc…
  •  Some months are 5 weeks
  •  Some of the months have so many bank holidays you only work two full weeks

The year really is not that long and in reality not that many days to  work or go on holiday!!

Thinking about the year strategically as to when is a good time to go on holiday is very practical and could even prove cost effective.

Look at the year on one page and literally colour in your ideal holiday plans – be proactive plan it now.

Taking 10 working days off is very good for your healthy mental well being – rather than lots of week breaks.

Long weekends are a good source of recharging batteries.

Booking a holiday is a great focus and motivates you to achieve goals in a time frame.

Go on – book it now…!

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