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Unlikely partnerships…


Unlikely associations wake up the mind to all sorts of possibilities.

Recently I read about a commuter buying his bacon buttie and noticing that the brown paper bag was branded by “Virgin Active”.

The commuter cafe is not an obvious connection to getting fit, but how brilliant to disturb the consumer into thinking about fitness (not sure if it precludes the enjoyment of the buttie).

Sales people often use the “disturb”, the what if…

There could be endless unlikely partnerships that could really give you some new customers, here are some for fun:-

  • Secondhand car dealership – promoting days out in luxury cars
  • Spa – offering financial services (in a relaxed state might be able to focus on money)
  • Theatre tickets – selling houses, investment properties
  • Doctor’s surgery – promoting landscape gardening services
  • Stables advertising a beauty parlour

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