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Be the business you want to be…


  • Develop loyalty – make doing business with your company enjoyable and make your clients feel special.  What do you do when they place an order?:-
  • send a thank you card
  • send fruit
  • send a book

it will dependent on your business.  It is the little things that make them feel valued.

  • Front of mind – Identify your top 5 Clients and keep them front of mind.  Constantly communicate with them, and remember the personal things about them.
  • Building Trust – Position yourself as an expert and share your knowledge.  Keep connecting and make sure it is at a personal level.  Show your testimonials, display on company literature.  Do what you say you are going to do!!
  • Creating referrals – thank people for their business take them out to lunch and ask for referrals.
  • Proud to be in business – give everyone an experience who comes into contact with you and your organisation


Photograph – Matt Harris


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