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Focus on the positive…


I am very big fan of the quote “What you focus on becomes reality…”

We often though get swept into the negative and that becomes the view.  If you were bitten by a dog, your view of all dogs would be bad and for the week after the bite you would see 100s of dogs.

Comparing yourself to others is also negative, “I wish I had got as many deals as he had…”  “I wish my car was as sporty as hers…” Be happy with yourself and everything that is yours.

To think positively is a skill that needs to be practised on a daily basis.   We only get better at a skill based activity with repetition.  Positive to negative can be looked at as a ratio and 3:1 would be a good starting point to have a much more positive outlook.

“Life’s problems reveal who we really are” the courage to think positively about a setback is often a lot harder than focusing on the negative.

Looking at every situation as extremes does not help your positive thinking eg. “I will be disastrous as the next presentation…”    “I am not as fully prepared on my presentation as I would like to be…”  The second is far less extreme and will be a safer place to present from.

People fail exams and immediately label themselves as failures, any labelling is never going to help positive thinking.

Focus on all the great stuff this week, keep track of all the positives even the smallest …!



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