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Value compass…


Values get put into place between the age of 0-7 years of age, what is wrong and right in the world, and they provide a compass then throughout life.  We often lose our direction and drift from our values as we are presented with new thoughts and beliefs.  We will be challenged on what we believe is wrong and right in the world by so many outside influences.

When we are true to our values and use them as our compass we fill good about ourselves.  So how can we truly understand what makes us tick and know what we believe to be wrong and right.  There are profiling tools that identify our motivation and what drives our behaviour which can be very useful in providing a big picture.  The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) was written by Elias Porter in the 1970’s and provides 7 very easy motivational value systems (using colours to label their identity) They are mapped onto a triangle, which is shown below:-

  • Red – People who value success and results
  • Blue – Focus on developing others and their main focus is relationships
  • Green – Operating as an individual with a steer on what is right at all times
  • Hub – Combination of all motivations deployed when appropriate, meaning the character is all about balance
  • Blue/red- relationships and results together
  • Red/green – the right results – strategic
  • Blue/green – right relationships developed with meaningful purpose and order


To have a wide view is one piece of the jigsaw, but think back to some of the fundamentals we developed between 0-7 years of age.

  • Was competition important to you?
  • Were you encouraged to value money?
  • Was honesty valued over deceit?
  • How did you view violence?
  • General good manners were they encouraged or dismissed?
  • Humour and fun were they developed?

As there are so many distractions and challenges to our values, put in place your own compass, think about your direction and right down what you value.

What you focus on becomes reality and being true to what we value makes us feel good and valid in the world.

nuggets can provide a half day workshop on motivation to identify motivational value systems using the Strength Deployment Inventory – please contact



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