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70:20:10 learning and development


As learning and development companies and facilitators we must listen to what clients are demanding and the changing face of development.  We have known for a while that due to the recession the 5 day residential leadership programme is not conducive to the pace of business.

Furthermore audiences demand memorable and unique experiences, which they can relate to their job and apply immediately.

Stuart Crabb, Facebook’s learning and development guru explains  a very simple principle they follow:-

  • 10% must be class based
  • 20% coaching and mentoring
  • 70% on the job learning

Facebook is not alone in using the knowledge they gain  and creating a community of learners that learn from each other.  With no mandatory learning Facebook is able to offer a wide portfolio, as Crabb quotes “anything from cappuccino art to organisational design”.

Learning should not be seen as a requirement but as a fully integrated and fundamental part of what the business is about.

nuggets 90 minutes of learning with follow up coaching fits perfectly with the 70:20:10 – please do contact

“We are here to make you look good!!”




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