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Social media – the good the bad and the ugly


I often wrestle with which social media to connect with:-

  • LinkedIn – obviously gives me business and I can trace direct links to work received
  • Twitter – keeps me aware of what is trending in the world
  • Facebook – being aware that my friends are having a lovely time – always nice

In addition to these sites is what to read, which blogs are timely and relevant.

However the last few days has answered some of my questions.  On the Today programme (Radio 4) an expert in social media was being asked about the recent tweeting of the “bring back our girls” campaign.  Obviously heightening the awareness of the plight of the girls from Nigeria is a good thing.  The media expert was also asked about the recent success of the no make-up “selfies” for the breast cancer awareness campaign.  She explained this was great for raising money for a charity and showed the power of twitter, however tweeting can be even more effective when it becomes individualised.  The cleanup campaign after the London riots was done by tweeting, it was so effective that by the time the council arrived volunteers had put businesses straight and brought the community back together in a positive way.  The story stretched even further to how individuals felt valued again after such violence.

The most heart warming media story to me, and possibly the most validity you can put behind blogging is the story of a widower, Benjamin  Brooks-Dutton.  In his early 30’s he lost his wife who was runover by a car as the family crossed a road after lunch with friends.  Their son was in a push-chair and was 2 years old at the time of the accident.  Benjamin overnight became a single parent and a widower.

Blogging gave Benjamin the chance to reach out to others and instead of sympathy he received empathy which provided a far more constructive and proactive guide to his recovery.  I have never heard a more positive reason to blog to be able to have advice come to you in a forum that you can dip in and out of and to know that people understand what you are going through.  This could never be achieved by writing a diary, what a wonderful world we live in, where support can go viral.

benjamin brooks






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