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You want more than blood, sweat and tears…?


Recently been updating and developing the motivation 90 minute workshop.

In my research have been reading “Drive” by Dan Pink.

Whenever you deliver motivation you always have the challenge as to whether money is long or short term motivator.  As you can imagine the discussion is normally very animated.

In Pink’s book you possibly could not get something more emotive to analyse our personal association to money.

There has been a debate for a long time as to whether to pay blood donors.  Some say that it is not a commodity and is special, however others argue to manage supply just pay.

In 1970, British sociologist Richard Titmuss stated that if Britain decided to pay citizens for blood the UK supply would reduce.

Sadly it took 25 years later before anyone explored this theory.  Two Swedish economists asked 153 women who were interested in giving blood to be part of a social experiment.  The women were divided into three groups.

  • Group one – were told giving blood was voluntary and they would not be paid
  • Group two – if they gave blood they would receive 50 Swedish kroner
  • Group three – variation on group two – they would receive the 50 kroner with an immediate option to donate it to a children’s charity

The results of attendance of the blood donation were as follows:-

  • Group one – 53% gave blood
  • Group two – 30% gave blood
  • Group three – 53% gave blood

Titmuss’s scepticism that adding money leads to a more desired behaviour was right it doesn’t.  The intrinsic desire to do something good must come from our own value base not from an extrinsic reward.


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