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Who is the flat pack for?


One of the reasons IKEA is so customer-centric is the Ingvar Kamprad the founder of the store, forced himself to think subjectively rather than objectively.

He would play a game of visiting the store and each time be a fictitious customer.  In his head he may well have been a single mother of two, another occasion he could be a newly married couple setting up home.  He actually purchased the items the person would need to ensure that the store provided everything they did need.

Customer surveys would not have given him the answers he was looking for, they don’t specifically tell you what people are looking for.

Businesses are so focused on the balance sheet that they think objectively rather than on the individual which is subjective.  The product and service may cost more, but will you have the return business as you have provided just what they needed.

Role play your customers and see in this crazy world how we could make their lives easier.

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