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Good meeting/bad meeting…


80% of UK Managers time is spent in meetings, so they should be having a good time – right?

If you view a meeting as a party how much fun is yours:-

  • As the host are you there before your guests?
  • Have you checked the venue before?
  • Do you have good refreshments?
  • Is everyone clear what the event is? what are you celebrating/championing/acknowledging?
  • What is the mood at the party?

Luckily companies have been looking into making their meetings more effective.  Here are some top tips that we have compiled at nuggets by trawling the internet:-

  • All meetings to have a purpose
  • Always have an “Agenda” (which ironically translated from latin means to get things done)
  • Attendees should walk away with clear actions
  • Meetings should have an end time just as important as the start
  • Beyond an hour and the brain has stopped concentrating
  • Apple use the terminology DRI – “Directly Responsible Individual” for every task or project in a meeting
  • Always have a decision maker in the room
  • No more than 10 people
  • Standing up – lifts the energy in the room

Next time you plan a meeting think of it as the best party you have ever been to…

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