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“Keeping track of everyone I meet…”

In 1968, when William Jefferson Clinton (“Bill Clinton”) was a Rhodes Scholar  at Oxford University, he met a graduate named Jeffrey Stamps at a party.  Clinton promptly pulled out a black address book.  “What are you doing here at Oxford, Jeff?” he asked .

“I’m at Pembroke on a Fulbright”, Jeff replied.  Clinton penned “Pembroke” into his book and then asked about Stamp’s undergraduate school and his major.  “Bill, why are you writing this down?” asked Stamps.

“I’m going into politics and plan to run for governor of Arkansas, and I’m keeping track of everyone I meet,” said Clinton.

At an early age Clinton knew he wanted to run for office.

His sense of purpose was driven by rituals and habits, he would create index cards of the people he had met during the day with names and vital information.  This was carried out as an undergraduate every night.

Think about your focus are you with the people that will get you to where you want to go.

bill clinton

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