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Past, Present or Future… who holds your performance


The Commonwealth Games is taking place in Glasgow and there will be lots of coaches pushing their athletes to new limits.

Comparing the sporting world with the business world is nothing new, old Olympians now make a living from motivational talks about how they won their medals.  The behaviours required for peak performance are just as effective in a corporate world.

Who holds you to account on your performance and where does the line get drawn between a coach and a mentor?

The first term is Counselling which is not required by everyone however if you do need to resolve something in your past it may well help you achieve the performance you desire.

Coaching is all about unlocking the potential within individuals and is very much in the present in that moment in time.  You are there for your athlete at the training session at 5.3o in the morning you have a vested interest and can pass judgement.  In the business world you make them aware of the behaviours that will lead to peak performance.  Therefore a coach has to have an eye on the future to be inspirational to put their athlete/individual at stretch.

Mentoring is the person you ring at the end of the race, who then suggests you try another distance.  They do not have a vested interest in your performance however they can pass judgement and put you at stretch.  Mentors focus their attention on the future, they should be about new possibilities.   In the corporate world they may not work within your organisation or even work in the same field, but they have achieved peak performance themselves.  They challenge, inspire and push you to new limits.

Coaches need to be changed on a regular basis to maximise peak performance, look at Andy Murray, he is always looking for a new coach and a new mix within his team. One coach at a time is practical, one leading voice in the present will help you understand the future.

Mentors are longer term as they get to know and understand you they can offer tougher or more realistic challenges depending on the individual.  You can have more than one mentor at a time, different stretch points.

Take a bit of time and ask yourself:-

  • Who are you surrounded by?
  • Who do you need to reach peak performance?
  • Who holds your performance?

Please do contact  to explain how colourful coaching might be the development you are looking for.

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